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Back in 2018 Domestika invited me to create a modeling course for their platform.

My motivation for this course is to teach the workflow for cartoon characters that I use in my daily work.
Another of the things that motivated me was not to repeat the hundreds of technical tutorials that are free online and that soon become outdated because the tools evolve. I have learned zbrush for free with the tutorials that are on the internet. That is why I focused on teaching the importance of fundamentals such as reference searches, or working the cartoon from low poly to achieve the 2d gesture (this point is the most important).
My intention when I teach is to teach the things that are seen and learned in studies and that are not always taught in schools.
Sometimes we can have a lot of knowledge of the software but not certain fundamentals necessary to work in an animation production and translate a concept from 2d to 3d.

If what you are looking for is to learn a specific software, this is not your course.

Learn to create characters for animation with 3D Studio Max and ZBrush

The process of modeling 3D characters in a professional production is different from when it is done for a personal project and in this course, Juan Solís will teach you how to create the models according to the premises of the art department and prepare them so they can be part of of a great production of animation.


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