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In 2018, I was invited by Domestika to create a modeling course for their platform. The objective of this course was to teach my workflow for creating cartoon characters, which I use in my daily work.

I wanted to create something different from the numerous technical tutorials available online for free, which can quickly become outdated due to the evolution of tools. Instead, I focused on teaching the fundamentals that are not always taught in school, such as reference searches and working with the cartoon from a low poly model to achieve the desired 2D gesture.

This course is not meant to solely teach a specific software, but rather to provide a comprehensive understanding of the fundamentals necessary for working in an animation production and translating a concept from 2D to 3D."

Learn to create characters for animation with 3D Studio Max and ZBrush

The process of modeling 3D characters in a professional production is different from when it is done for a personal project and in this course, I will teach you how to create the models according to the premises of the art department and prepare them so they can be part of of a great production of animation.


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