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Since  2014 I work as a Freelance Character Development artist and consultant.
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Netflix Animation

Freelance Character Vis dev modeler

-Unannounced Animated Feature Film

Paramount Animation

Freelance Character Vis dev modeler

-"Tiger's apprentice,"  Animated Feature Film 

CORE Animation

Freelance Character Development


"Mommies,"  Animated Feature Film 

Ilion Animation Studios

Head of Characters

Character Modeling supervisor


Lightbox Entertainment 
Freelance Character Artist

-"Las Aventuras de Tadeo Jones 2,"  Animated Feature Film 



Geminose LLC


Head of Character Modeling,  Consultant,
Geminoise, Multi platform game 



Ilion Animation Studios

Freelance Character Modeler 



Amusement Park. Animated Feature Film.



Dreamworks Animation TV

Consultant, Freelance Character Development



Guillermo del Toro's Wizards (2020). TV Series



Guillermo del Toro's Trollhunters (2016). TV Series

Blur Studio

Freelance Character Artist


Character modeler and texture/shader artist. In charge of modeling, texturing, and surfacing high-end characters for game cinematics and commercials.



-LOVE DEATH + ROBOTS (2017) Netflix Series

-Halo: The Master Chief Collection (2014) Game Cinematic
-Skylanders (2014) Game Cinematic
-League of Legends: A Twist of Fate (2012)  Game Cinematic
-The Amazing Spider-man (2012), Film.
-Wildstar (2011),  Game Cinematics
-Overstrike (2011),  Game Cinematic
-Goldfish Crackers (2010), Commercial
-Monkey Island 2, Especial Edition (2010), Commercial
-The Goon (2010), Animated Film Teaser
-Fable 3 (2010 to February 2010),  Game Cinematic
-Bioshock2 (2009 to October 2009), Game Cinematic
-Dannon "Bongo" (2008), Commercial
-The Simpsons-Ride-Universal Studios (2007/2008), Ride Film
-Spiderman Friend or Foe (2007),  Game Cinematic
-A Gentlemen´s Duel (2006), Animated Short film
-Sonic, The Edgehog (2006), Game Cinematic
-Dannon "Spokesmonkey" (2007), Commercial
-Neopets (2007), Teaser
-Mickey (2006), Teaser
-Dannon Dannimals, (S2005/2006), Commercial
-kure (March 2005), Commercial
-Opus the Penguin (2005), Teaser
-MTV Save the Humans (2004), Commercial
-In the rough (2004), Animated Short film




Lightbox Entertainment 
Freelance Character Artist

-Capture the Flag, Animated Feature Film 





Walt Disney Animation Studios


Senior Character Modeler, 

-FROZEN, Animated Feature Film. 
-Special Projects





The Frank & Barton Company S.L

Freelance Character Artist


-O2 "fish" (2019), commercials
-Leo Vegas (2019), commercials
-Audi Navidad “A shorter letter” (2018), commercials
-FTP KV (2018), commercials
-Huesitos Vampiro(2018), commercials
-Instant Finance (2018), commercials
-Amd Banana(2017), commercials
-BioZeem 2 (2016), commercials

-Tecnoprecios (2016), commercials

-Freshmilk (2016), commercials

-Trina (2016), commercials

-BioZeem, (2016), commercials

-Trina (2015), commercials

-Supersusu (2015), commercials

-AmdGold (2015), commercials
-Genesis  (2014), Commercials
-ONCE “Sorteo Extraordinario Día del Padre” (2014), Commercials
-Hipa  (2013), Commercials
-Celiac (2013), Commercials
-ONCE “Sorteo Extraordinario Día del Padre” (2013), Commercials

-Vinamilk "magnets" (2013), Commercials
-William Hill (2012), Commercials
-Vinamilk "Vfresh" (2011), Commercials
-Nestree (2011), Teaser
-Vinamilk "Probi" (2011), Commercials
-Ing "ardilla" (2011), Commercials
-Vinamilk "Kite"(2010), Commercials
-Vinamilk "Jump"(2010), Commercials
-Panrico Qe "Diablesa" (2010), Commercials
-Stampii "Collections" (2010), Commercials
-Rooda (2009), Teaser
-Navidul "Exploradores"(2009), Commercials
-Clan TV “Clanners -Vinil Toys” (2009), Pitch
-Sony Ericsson "Beat The Monkey" (2009), Commercials
-Cruzcampo (2009), Commercials
-Panrico Qe "striptease" (2009), Commercials

Ilion Animation Studios

Character Development Supervisor,
(2003 - 2012)


-PLANET 51, Animated Feature Film
-Mortadelo y Filemon contra Jimmy el Cachondo (Preproduction), Animated Feature Film
-Untitled Project, Animated Feature Film

My responsibilities as Character development Supervisor included:

Preproduction, 3D Concept - Visual development
  -Characters department pipeline
  -Vis dev Modeling, texturing-surfacing
  -Development and design of the Facial Setup

Production, supervision:
  -Modeling, Texturing-Surfacing, Facial Setup
  -Character FX, Characters Set Dressing
  -Shots tecAnim, Skin fixing and finaling



Lightbox Entertainment 

Freelance Character Artist


-"Las Aventuras de Tadeo Jones,"  Animated Feature Film (2008)



Alcachofa Soft

Freelance Character Modeler

"The Abbey" (2007), Video Game PC


El Ranchito

Frelance Character Artist


-Airwick "Rabbits" (November 2006), Commercials
-Renault Laguna (March 2006), Commercials
-Heinekein "alien" (November 2004), Commercials
-Renault F1 (July 2005), Commercials


Pendulo Studios 


Freelance Character Modeler
-Runaway 2: The Dream of the Turtle (2003/2004), Video Game, PC,Wii, DS
-Runaway "A road adventure", (1999/2000) Video Game PC


Eurocom entertainment 

Senior Character Artist
(2001 - 2003)
-"Sphinx and The Cursed Mummy", THQ (2003), Video Game PS2, Xbox, Gamecube, DS


Reyes infografica


Character Modeling Supervisor (preproduction)
(1999 – 2000)

"The Mercenary", Tornasol Films, Feature Film



Mariscal Studio

3D Generalist, Layout Artist
(1998 – 1999)
-"Twipsy" , TV series
-Nestle "año del chocolate" , Commercial


Rem Infografica

(1996 –1998)
Title: 3D Modeling and Texture artist

-3D Models Bank


Puntos de Encuentro

(1994 –1996)


Graphic Designer



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