Mortadelo y Filemon, Contra Jimmy el cachondo

Animation Film (2014) Production company: Ilion Animation Studios Director: Javier Fesser Juan Solis Credits: Character Character Vis Dev Modeler, Facial Rigging. I worked on the Vis Dev Modeling of the main characters and worked on the design and development of the facial rig for this production.

Cuerdas, Short Film

Production : La Fiesta PC Director: Pedro Solís Credits: Character Vis dev modeler, Character production modeler, Facial rigging Here are some of the character designs and models I did for the short film "Cuerdas" ( two years ago. The boy has probably been the most challenging character that I have ever done; because of all he had to communicate only with his eyes and also because the references that I had to work with were from a real boy, the one that inspired the story.

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